1. Midnight Awakening

  2. Out of Silence

  3. Eagles Rising
    Various Artists compiled by Originz

  4. We Are 0001 (Free Download)
    Petits Agites (Gaspard & Neuromotor)

  5. Plantas Sagradas

  6. Parallel Worlds

  7. Delic

  8. Invent The Future
    Ingrained Instincts

  9. Fractal Funk
    Fungus Funk

  10. Tutelary Deity

  11. Iron Kush

  12. Hieroglyphs

  13. Bubble Universe 2 (Sangoma & Parvati)
    Emiel & Giuseppe

  14. Dancing Plague
    Alchemy Circle

  15. X Dream - Out of your Control (Samadhi Remix)
    X Dream - Out of your Control (Samadhi Rmx)

  16. Shukran
    Module Virus (Free Download)

  17. Lucky Two

  18. Think Twice

  19. Stuck in a Rack
    Ingrained Instincts, Illumination & Justin Chaos

  20. Kaxinawa

  21. Time Code

  22. Muti
    Various Artists compiled by Emiel & Daksinamurti

  23. Past is a Prologue
    Egon's Embrace

  24. The Goose is Out

  25. Vitraya

  26. Enter The Labirhythm (Sangoma Rec. & Forestdelic Rec.)
    Various Artists compiled by Tsubi & Dr.Space

  27. Un Autre Jour Lointain

  28. Bubble Universe (Parvati Records & Sangoma)
    Giuseppe & Emiel

  29. Unio Mystica

  30. Sangoma Sound System II
    compiled by Daksinamurti & Emiel

  31. Fried Patterns
    Yabba Dabba

  32. Deerfields
    Kri Samadhi

  33. Phoenix EP

  34. Science Fiction Addiction

  35. Tropical Nights EP

  36. Kybalion
    VA compiled by Sequoya

  37. Dark Room EP

  38. Kenshō
    Various Artists compiled by Emiel & Jafar

  39. Pura Vida
    Module Virus & Friends

  40. Everything is Energy

  41. Black Noise
    Black Noise

  42. Wiardayz

  43. Noctis Labyrinthus
    Kabayun and Friends

  44. Música Psicodélica Futurista
    MPF (Via Axis & ProAgressivo)

  45. Disjointed
    Yabba Dabba

  46. Crepuscular Blaterations

  47. Sangoma Sound System
    Various Artists compiled by Emiel & Daksi

  48. As Above, So Below

  49. Aumpram

  50. Chacaruna compiled by Emiel
    Various Artists (Sangoma Records)

  51. Warped EP

  52. Glam Goblins
    Fungus Funk

  53. Transforma I

  54. Agua Rica

  55. Circus DMT

  56. Abstract Subtract
    Black Noise

  57. Chai, Chillum, Chalo
    Kabayun, Drip Drop

  58. Teletranceport

  59. Sangomandala compiled by Daksinamurti
    VA (Sangoma Records)

  60. Stop Wars 3: The Retire of the Jedi (Sangoma)
    Various Artists selected by Sg4rY

  61. The Accelerated Path EP
    Ingrained Instincts

  62. Nomads

  63. Xochipili the Seven Flowers
    Module Virus

  64. Durmista
    Elf De La Nooi

  65. Cryptoforestry compiled by Emiel
    Various Artists (Sangoma Recs)

  66. Icaro
    Purist (Sangoma Records)

  67. Stop Wars II - The Empire Hikes Back
    (Sangoma) Various Artists compiled by sG4rY

  68. Sacred Mirrors (Sangoma Records)

  69. The Four Horsemen
    (Sangoma) VA compiled by Radioactive.Cake

  70. Quantum Mind

  71. Ironic Cultures
    VA compiled by Izzy & Cosinus

  72. Illegal Tranceactions
    Black Noise & Peyotes

  73. Modulated Frequencies
    Cosinus (Sangoma Records) Free Download

  74. Himavat Dāna (Nepal Benefit compilation)
    Various Artists (Sangoma)

  75. Mystic Vocation compiled by Emiel
    Various Artists (Sangoma Recs)

  76. Tanuki Tandava compiled by Daksinamurti & BuzZ
    Various Artists (Sangoma Recs)

  77. Stop Wars: A New Dope compiled by sG4rY
    Various Artists (Sangoma)

  78. Singularity
    Sequoya (Sangoma Recs)

  79. Existing in Parallel
    Kabayun (Sangoma Recs)

  80. Astral Elevation (Free Download)
    Diksha (Sangoma Recs)

  81. Shinan EP (Sangoma)
    Dsompa (Sangoma Recs)

  82. Blue Sangoma Sounds
    Various Artists ( Sangoma in collaboration with Blue Hour Sounds)

  83. Sacred Places
    Drumatik (Sangoma Recs)

  84. Seems Legit
    Gaspard (Sangoma Recs)

  85. Spirit Voices compiled by Gata Freak & Daksinamurti
    Various Artists (Sangoma Recs)

  86. Ironic Creatures compiled by Izzy & Cosinus (Sangoma)
    Various Artists (Sangoma Recs)

  87. Native Intentions compiled by Starling, Emiel & Jafar
    Various Artists (Sangoma & Hill Top Recs)

  88. Multi Faith Mantra compiled by sG4rY
    Various Artists (Sangoma Recs)

  89. Throat Chakra (Free download)

  90. Shanti Jatra Vol II Shamans & Healers compiled by Daksinamurti (Free Download)
    Various (Shanti Jatra Music & Sangoma Recs)

  91. The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life compiled by LeoHawk (Extended Version)
    Various Artists (Sangoma Recs)

  92. 9Lives compiled by Back to Mars (Free Download)
    Various Artists (Sangoma Recs)

  93. Gospodin (extended version)
    -Z- /Alpha & Antagon (Sangoma Recs)

  94. Urban Renaissance (Free Download)
    Nebula Meltdown (Sangoma Records)

  95. User Guide EP (Free Download)
    Primordial Ooze (Sangoma Recs)

  96. GaggalacktiXVibes 1 (Free Download)
    Various Artists (Sangoma Records)

  97. Southern Spirit (Free download)
    Groove Hunter

  98. Chasing Urmahlullu (Free Download)
    San and Tac

  99. Tropical Arctic (Free Download)
    Frosty Fennic (Sangoma Recs)

  100. Sonic Mandalas
    Universcience (Free Download) (Sangoma Recs)

  101. Here and Now EP (Free Download)

  102. Transfix (Free Download)

  103. Sheer Liquid Wonderment EP (Free Download)
    Kalumet (Sangoma Recs)

  104. Breath of the Universe EP (Free Download)
    Universcience (Sangoma Recs)

  105. Tokoloshe Tales compiled by Daksinamurti & Gata Freak
    Various Artists (Timecode) TCCD028

  106. Arecibo Chronicles Vol.1
    Gata Freak


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Sangoma Records was founded in 2011 out of enthusiasm for psychedelic culture and music by Emiel and cultural anthropologist Daksinamurti – both DJs for over a decade.

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